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Introducing Still Loving Youth

Introducing Still Loving Youth

s.c.a.n.d.a.l, a sub-division of UNKL 347, is a small multi-disciplinary studio, which dabbles in various creative areas, including print matter, design, video, photography, exhibitions and more besides.

Still Loving Youth is one of their main projects, published every three months.  They describe Still Loving Youth as a multi-format medium, with each edition taking a different form/dimension, and utilising different colaborators.

In publishing Still Loving Youth, collaboration is the keyword. The door is wide open to the possibility of working in partnership with a variety of collaborators, whether musicians or the musical community, brand company, institutions, other social or community groups, or even collaborating with other print media partners.

In this premiere edition, they collaborated with three bands: Rock N Roll Mafia, Vincent Vega, and White Shoes and the Couples Company.  These three bands had previously worked with them under the umbrella of a program called Crunkl Ensemble, which aimed to unite three bands from three different musical genres, into a balanced, united activity.

After the success of the Crunkl Ensemble Program, s.c.a.n.d.a.l and the three bands joined forces to create the first edition of Still Loving Youth, with the theme Past + Present + Future = You. The words Past, Present & Future, they felt represented the characteristics of the three bands, and the word You represents whosoever reads Still Loving Youth.

In working on this edition, the personel of the three bands each made their own contributions. They were hands on in terms of writing, photography and various other roles. Each told their own story, from their thoughts, the story of the bands progress, their favourite fictional character, interviewing their role model to sharing health tips.

Close friends of the three bands also added to the writing, such as their music video director, or the artist who worked on their albums’ visuals and graphic art. Let’s not forget articles written by friends who are ‘fans’, such as model Izabel Jahja who likes RNRM, journalist Jason Tedjasukmana, who is interested in Vincent Vega and music critic Denny Sakrie, who loves White Shoes & the Couples Company.

The first edition of Still Loving Youth is now available and ready to spread a little colour, some stories and thoughts, they lay before you in full modesty. Enjoy reading!

Get your copy here.

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  1. mk2 13 years ago

    Reminds me of Ripple, but hundred times better.

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