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Film Screening from the Film-Class Student | HBK Braunschweig, Germany

Film Screening from the Film-Class Student | HBK Braunschweig, Germany

Kineruku Layar Tancep
Hegarmanah 52
Sabtu, 13 September 2008
20:00 WIB, diikuti oleh diskusi dan presentasi.
Pemutaran dihadiri oleh tiga mahasiswa Indonesia di HBK Jerman.

Pada hari Sabtu 13 September 2008 Rani Ravenina (seniman video asal Bandung yang sedang berkuliah di HBK –Braunschweig School of Art) mempresentasikan beberapa karya film pendek dari kampusnya.Sejak tahun 1972, HBK –sebuah sekolah seni di Braunschweig, Jerman– selalu melibatkan karya-karya video, seni, dan film-film mahasiswanya pada event tahunan Braunschweig International Film Festival. Film yang dihasilkan sangat bervariasi dari karya eksperimental hingga video popular maupun instalasi multimedia. Kebanyakan karya yang dibuat bersifat personal, memiliki visi individual, dan bebas dari sensor serta tekanan komersil.

Karya-karya yang diputar di Kineruku adalah:

Vanished Twin | Karin Then
13.30 minutes, Mini-DV, PAL, colour, stereo, 2008.

“When I was 18 I had a cyst. The diagnosis showed that cells from my twin had attached themselves to my ovaries. I would have come in double-pack but I grew around my twin during the cell stage and have carried my double inside me for twenty years…

One year after the diagnosis the cells began to grow and they removed a dermoid from my ovaries…

If you miss something that you can’t describe, then you are maybe affected. On the website I found like-minded people, brothers and sisters of vanished twins, cyst-carriers, family members and schizophrenics. As “Onco Mouse,” I met my boyfriend “Moonlight” in one of these forums…” (Abstract of the spoken text)

A’ Traves del Espacio | Nina Martin
11.00 minutes, 16mm.

Nina martin visit the jungle of Peru in the summer of 2007, gave her the possibility to converge with a foreign society and its lifestyle.

The video “a traves del espacio” consist of digitized 16mm black and white film. The film is suggestive of atmosphere the filmmaker experienced in the jungle.

An elderly indigene woman and the Shaman of the village from the narrative. While the woman explains the effects of the plant that triggers love, the Shaman reflects on the change of shamanistic traditions today.

The grainy and porous shots remind of old and found material. Despite some documentary aspects, the camera records less in a classical sense, creating a new reality and evoking the question of authenticity in film, highlight the relationship between the camera and the persons involved.

Die BIlderlampe (The Revolving Scenic Lantern) | Jin Cai
9:19 minutes.

When a man travels from one world to another, besides the strangeness, he has to confront the loneliness. And this kind of loneliness is coming from the distance among people. This film is trying to tell a story about how a helpless girl is struggling for a new apartment not in an alien land. After rejected thousands of times, she finally understands what the problem is.

My Shine Pieces | Olaf Schmidt
4:28 minutes, (DV), english, 2007.
Video and music by Olaf Schmidt with Andreas Susczyk, Corinna Kirchner, Olaf Schmidt.
Camera by Sebastian Neubauer

An expressive dance movie, probably I guess, isn´t it?

“I kind of built this, to like show you, I mean I hope it´s not too weird for you, in the end your the one who´s got to like it… You can just tell me what you think of it, maybe I´d change something next time, or I´ll try to think in advance of what you told me you didn´t like…”

Evidence of what happens when someone tries to shine, is not quite sure about it, but still ejaculates his images onto the screen in front of us.

This Guy at Commercial
| Olaf Schmidt
4:58 minutes, (16mm, DV), english, 2008.
Music and concept by Olaf Schmidt and Franziska Ulbricht.

Diary notes – made it to poetry – made it to music – made it to Film.

The words of what Franziska saw and later sang evoked this small movie. Through our video you can get nothing but a glimpse of the significants and what made up the preceding event. A poem about poverty and pretending, that actually happened on a voyage through Canada around christmas 2006. A reflective audiovisually densed form of storytelling.

Powerplant 91
| Sebastian Neubauer and Olaf Schmidt
4:52 minutes, (DV), 2007.
Film and music by Sebastian Neubauer and Olaf Schmidt.

At first we got stuck and later wasted in the recording studio. Later there was time, a nice camera and a car.  We combined all this with our advanced choreographic dancing and handicrafts skills, to form this beautiful musicvideo.

A fox, a skull, an elephant and a lightbulb are performing and dancing the night away on an open field near Braunschweig. Our silly excursion using some necessary codes of a Hip Hop Video. Although instead of guns, bitches and bling, we have Death, a knife, a synthesizer, guitars, a turntable and lots of fake money, along which the fox improvises a gibberish story.

Topaana | Manuela Buechting
7 minutes, Video, 2007.

Topaana is a small quarter of Skopje / Macedonia. There I spend some time in a Roma family and got involved in the world of families, weddings and dreams. Streets are empty, but full of stories.

Sound of Shutka
| Manuela Buechting
23 minutes, Video, 2007-2008.

I spend some time at a Roma community in Shutka / Macedonia. There I got to know the greatest musicians and the charismatic Muzo. He is the source for all music and the Romany language. This film is an impression of the music in Shutka, the biggest Roma community in Europe.

Nights Without Jackets | Kathrin Maria Wolkowicz
5:05 minutes, DV, PAL, 2008.

She should have brought a camera.
Whom or what is that supposed to protect – of course I wanted to see something.

Where I Read the Last Time | Kathrin Maria Wolkowicz
3:32 minutes, DV, PAL, 2007.

You don´t move your chest.
I wonder if that would astound me.

Folksong | Kathrin Maria Wolkowicz
2:00 minutes, DV, PAL, 2006.

There is a perforated virgin passing by.
Because you are not wanted, fuck off, bitch, get away to heaven.

Oh Two Cats Both Grey
| Kathrin Maria Wolkowicz
6:14 minutes, DV, PAL, 2007.

I am walking through a silvery wood. Bright polished mushrooms around

and it is raining, quietly. The arm not strong but decided for defense protecting you me, lifted up in height of the head shot in the head. The skin is smacking and the whole story seems strange to me. Annoyed, I am sweating, too.

Erhabener Raum | Dimas Arif Nugroho
4:02 minutes, 2008.

Soekma (Die Seele) | Deny Tri Ardianto
9:04 minutes, 2008.

After the Event:

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