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Just Arrived! Music. | December ’08

Just Arrived! Music. | December ’08


Efek Rumah Kaca
Kamar Gelap

Setahun setelah terkenal mengkritik dominasi lagu-lagu bertema cinta di Indonesia lewat “Cinta Melulu”, trio rock asal Jakarta ini kembali menjaga prinsipnya di album kedua. Dari 11 lagu, kata “cinta” hanya muncul sekali, itupun dalam “Menjadi Indonesia”, lagu nasionalis yang tidak mengumbar jingoisme. Idealisme dan musikalitas mereka semakin terasah, khususnya vokal Cholil yang kian matang. Dokumentasi dari band paling signifikan di Indonesia saat ini. [Rolling Stone Indonesia]

Joy Division
Let the Movie Begin

UK only Official Live disc is interspersed with rare interviews of all the band members. The live songs were recorded in various European locations including rarities from Dutch and Belgian concert performances along with a couple of rare alternative studio outtakes. The rare audio interviews include all members of Joy Division. An official release and 25th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ death. []

Everything but the Girl


Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt strip things down to the bone, and the starkness makes the music even more affecting than usual. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the material they’ve chosen to work with is pretty affecting to begin with. The five covers are fantastic, but the five originals, all of which appear on other EBTG albums, hold their own; and three of them—”Driving”, “Apron Strings”, and “Me and Bobby D”—do much more that that. []

Joni Mitchell


Shine is the sign from the heavens that Joni Mitchell has come out of retirement. It isn’t a coffee table record. It’s an intuitive one; it won’t attract record execs looking for the next fading star to resurrect. Mitchell doesn’t need them, because there is little to resurrect in the life of a singular artist, especially this one. Her spirit is as unbowed, aesthetically curious and restless as it has ever been — thankfully. []

Serge Gainsbourg
a Gainsbarre


A good way to initiate yourself to the amazing artist who marked French music as much as Miles Davis marked the world of Jazz. A lot of his hits are featured here, the broad variety of his musical styles. And they will give you a good sense of what periods you like are dislike. []

Harold Budd, Simon Raymonde, Robin Guthrie, Elizabeth Fraser
The Moon and the Melodies


The collaboration between the Cocteau Twins and keyboardist/composer Harold Budd that fits soundly between the stylistic signatures of the two, both of whom make organic music that relies heavily on electronics. Budd’s use of spacious treated piano and keyboard sounds (influenced by a previous collaborator, Brian Eno) combines with the Cocteau Twins’ shimmering waves of guitars and Elizabeth Fraser’s layered wordless vocals to create what amounts to a soundtrack to a dream about sleeping. []



They return after 11 years, bringing back the cinematic music. Songs like “Silence” and “Nylon Smile” would feel right at home in a David Lynch dream sequence; both take advantage of stylistic repetition to feature a nice anti-climax/pull-out that leaves the listener (insert your fetish here). []

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