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Two Japanese Novelists: Soseki & Toson – Edwin McClellan

Two Japanese Novelists: Soseki & Toson – Edwin McClellan

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Penerbit: Tuttle Publishing
Tahun Terbit: 2004
Tebal: 180 halaman
ISBN: 978-080-4833-40-0

Kondisi: Bekas

The modern Japanese novel has a very short history, reaching its maturity only in the first decade of the twentieth century. It came into being–as so much else in modern Japan–as a result of Western influence. Natsume Soseki (1867-1916) and Shimazaki Toson (1872-1943) were two outstanding Japanese writers of this formative period. Through them, among other contemporaries, the realistic novel came to be established as a major literary form in Japan. Both novelists were men of originality, yet both retained their Japanese identity throughout their writing careers while inheriting very little from their native writing tradition. They wrote not as imitators of Western models but as modern Japanese who found the realistic novel the best means of expressing themselves.

Soseki was the more imaginative storyteller of the two, bringing to the Japanese novel a hitherto unknown daring. Toson contributed just as much Moe than any other writer of his time, he was a nature-loving essayist who gave prominence to the “naturalist” school of writers. Edwin McClellan's essays on these two pioneering fiction writers are unique contributions to our understanding of the development of the modern Japanese novel.

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