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The Letters Page Vol. 3

The Letters Page Vol. 3

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Penulis: Jon McGregor, Luke Kennard, Emily Lu, Kaci Laws, Pat Tompkins, Chris Arthur, Keren Pickard, John Saul, Max Porter, Claire-Louise Bennett, Mark O’Connell, Rolf Venner, Lindsay Zier-Vogel, Kate Feld
Penerbit: University of Nottingham
Tahun Terbit: 2018
Bahasa: Inggris
Tebal: 78 halaman
ISBN: 978-199-9612-44-3

Kondisi: Baru

Dear Kindred Spirits,

I wanted to write about the peeling of an orange. Sitting at the table, my daughter zoned out on Curious George, my son not yet home from school (and the fight over homework having not yet begun), I began to peel and was overcome by a delightful feeling. Carefully slicing into the top (NOT the navel side!) so as not to pierce the flesh of the orange itself, then slicing four equal sections and peeling them away while most intently trying not to ‘break the seal’ that result in sticky fingers, I mate it to the final and most thrilling step: driving my thumb into the centre and hearing the Velcro-like crackle as the halves are pulled apart. The smells, the memory of Mimi, who did it the exact same way, the quiet solitude of enjoying the fruit made to be eaten in the wintertime and not having to share a single bite! I discovered you The Letters Page, while eating this orange, while having an experience most unextraordinary and yet so memorable, and thought I would take the time to share.

Anyone else would think me crazy for writing to them about an orange, but perhaps in you I’ve found someone who can still appreciate the magic in peeling citrus fruit.

Keren Pickard

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