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Playing Cities, Making Sport – Andy Fuller

Playing Cities, Making Sport – Andy Fuller

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Kondisi: Baru
ISBN: 978-602-70286-3-0
Penerbit: Tan Kinira Books

“My body became the main field of encountering Jakarta. Until I became a teenager, I experienced my body as roads with holes, muddy laneways, floods in the rainy season, noisy buses, the smoke from exhaust pipes, shouts from conductors, fires in urban kampungs, traffic jams and the threats of hell from varying religions. Every morning, my uncle would grab me by the nose and order me to pray at dawn. I would pray while my hurt still stung. My older brother would then take me to play badminton with him. He never realised I have never liked any kind of sport.” –Afrizal Malna, Introduction.

“Football is a story with no end. It’s a game that brings us together. And our code –Australian Rules football– is a sport that reflects who we are, what we want to be and how we’ve created our place in the world. Ours is a game of wide and open spaces, of a playing field that included once local river red guns and she-oaks, with rules that at their heart are egalitarian; allowing for all sorts of body shapes and sizes, all sorts of skill sets and character traits. It’s a game with its own idiom, its own forms of self-expression, its own heroes and villains and tragedies and ways of storystelling. We barrack, we belong, and that’s all that need be said.” –Dugald Jellie, Epilogue.

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