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Mannequin – Agam Dwi Nurcahyo

Mannequin – Agam Dwi Nurcahyo

Rp 150.000,00

Penerbit: Kamboja Press
Tahun Terbit: 2019
Book design & layout: Irfan Hendrian
Bahasa: Inggris

Kondisi: Baru

Agam Dwi Nurcahyo, or usually known as Magafaka (read his short bio in the last page to know why people call him that), has contributed an alternative style in the photography scene through his controversial works over the years, regardless it being possibly interpreted as impressive, shocking, progressive, or even vulgar. In observing his photos, it leads audiences to unconsciously think that Agam is exploiting the body of his subjects.

Agam’s exploration in photography started from a long yet organic process. Agam graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Jakarta Art Institute and then challenged himself in a new and glamorous environment as a visual merchandiser for international brands and stayed in Bali. At that time, he began to discover photography, familiarised himself with property, make up, lighting, composition, angle, and talent.

The fashion photography (or portrait, or even snapshot, depends on how you classify genres of photography if it exists) that he takes can be considered a complicated technique that tells stories as well as reflects life styles and contradicts moods through manipulation of photography on subject, location, and property. His conscience does not fully agree with the standardized rules. He still obsesses to deconstruct the border between fashion, art, and surprising values.

Agam’s experiment in photography become more intense when he came back to Jakarta and focused on his clothing line that he established in 2014. At that moment, Agam worked worked with talents, both female and male, as the models for his products. Instagram is the platform he chooses to sell his products and his photo gallery as well. In general, his motive is commercial, but Agam elaborates fashion photography into more fun. He does not become attached with regulated composition in photography. Sometimes he spontaneously uses properties available at the location.

Photos taken by Agam look natural, effortless, and improvised. He is able to take photos in bedrooms, living rooms, backyards, kitchens, and even bathrooms. The most important thing for Agam is conversations between him and his subjects. Instead of directing his subjects, Agam puts himself as a good listener.

Agam is interested in exploring the body. That started when he learned anatomy painting techniques when he was in art school. Distorted body is his main concern in elaborating anatomy. Through the body, he highlights figures, which according to him, tells a lot of stories. In short, the body tells the stories.

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