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Déjà Vu – Leandro Quintero

Déjà Vu – Leandro Quintero

Rp 150.000,00

Penerbit: Kamboja Press
Tahun Terbit: 2019
Tebal: 36 halaman
Spesifikasi: Blue and red risograph inks on certified paper

Kondisi: Baru

What’s it like being bule in Indo? Specifically, being a bule photographer in Indo?

Alienated by everything. Inspired by decay and its beauty. Perversely terrifying.

What caught your eye when you first arrived in this country? Or tangled your heart, or feelings?

The high level of inequality; the beauty of the archipelago and its people (not all of them); the shadiness of its history; the warm heart of the bottom down from pyramid … the not so lucky ones; the high level of hypocrisy from the upper class; the tackiness of the new rich; the hierarchy in every family; the oppressive sense of society; the youth being fenced; the lack of transformative culture; the love for a woman … among many others.

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