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Borderline of Freedom – Jovana Semiz

Borderline of Freedom – Jovana Semiz

Rp 120.000,00

Penerbit: Kamboja Press
Tahun Terbit: 2019
Bahasa: Inggris
Spesifikasi: Printed with black soy-based ink on certified paper. Edition of 100

Kondisi: Baru

Novi Sad, my hometown and the second largest city in Serbia, is actually a great place for young people who want to improve themselves. The creative scene is not too big, so it is relatively easy for young artists to climb up the career ladder. Sadly, there have been less and less cultural happenings recently and people are not noticing.

People in Novi Sad has slowly lost interest on the arts, and they adapt to the “art-less” state without even noticing. Maybe the cultural stuff gets more life in Belgrade, the largest city in Serbia, where people's life is more colorful and diverse. But life had been grayer anywhere in Serbia every day, I think.

Everyday people take the street and protest. Everyone is burdened by a shared dissatisfaction after the political turmoil surrounding the split between Serbia and Montenegro. The students make the biggest chunk of angry people, planning to revolt and all of that. Many become obsessed with the idea of revolution and they dissed school and family to fight against the government.

However, I, also a student, feel a strange detachment from the idea despite sharing the same dissatisfaction. Becoming an activists occupy a lot of time and money which I cannot afford. My family work hard to earn money and put me in college, and I have to live everyday without knowing if I can afford my daily bread tomorrow. In this circumstance I choose to survive with what I have although it does not even guarantee my security in the long run.

If I look at my parents's old photos, I always think that they seem much happier in the past. Freedom was something they take for granted, freedom was not a rarity they had to look for, because they were content with the situation. If I listen to old people's stories of their younger days, I always think that the quality of life were so much better back then, and the people were more excited to face the day. “On the young, the world remains,” was a line I often heard said by old people when I grew up. As a young adult, now I know what it means.

The youth of today are constantly fighting for the better future while trying their best to enjoy living in the moment. Everyone fights for the unpredictable future, lost in the path forward, not knowing the direction of where we're going, while overcoming the overwhelming feeling that the world is going to run us over. Maybe we grow up faster than our parents did, but I am not sure if being mature earlier in life is the goal we are looking for.

This loop of thinking has occupied my mind for too long and burn it crisp with boredom. Maybe the best solution is leaving Serbia. Serbia has a future, I am sure of it, but surviving here is not easy, and it saddens me ti feel that things won't change to the better in the near future.

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