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An Equal Music – Vikram Seth

An Equal Music – Vikram Seth

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Penerbit: Broadway International
Bahasa: Inggris
ISBN: 0-7679-046408

Kondisi: Bekas

Michael Holme is a violinist, a member of the successful Maggiore Quartet. He has long been haunted, though, by memories of the pianist he loved and left ten years earlier, Julia McNicholl. Now Julia, married and the mother of a small child, unexpectedly reenters his life and the romance flares up once more.


“An Equal Music is indeed a musical story. The language is immensely beautiful. Throughout the book, one sees how much time human beings spend in tuning ‘things’ so that they can live in harmony. In this story, the characters struggle with notes, compositions, and life. Both music and life demand the same things, it is only in certain moments the right notes of joy, bliss and happiness are struck. The central character in the story, not only in the practice sessions but in real life too, searches for ‘an equal music.’

– Khush,

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