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  • Zine Bookshelf Brief
    Zine Bookshelf Brief
  • Zine Bookshelf Brief
    Zine Bookshelf Brief

    Bookshelf Brief: A Quarterly Curated Story – III

    Penulis: Carissa Atrianty Bahasa: Inggris Tebal: 13 halamanKondisi: Baru“Something cold creeps along your arm, you see a plaster hand closing around it. Your mind instantly races. Finding terror through such beauty is the last thing you expect from your visit.”
    Rp 25.000,00
  • Zine - Tone of Melancholy
    Zine - Tone of Melancholy

    Cergam “Tone of Melancholy” – Ozora

    Tebal: 29 halaman Bahasa: InggrisKondisi: BaruMaybe if I run away for quite some time I'll forget the reason why I ran away.
    Rp 50.000,00
  • Zine - I'm Sorry
    Zine - I'm Sorry

    Cergam “I’m sorry if you understand this story” – Ozora

    Tebal: 4 halaman Bahasa: InggrisKondisi: BaruBecause some things better left unsaid.
    Rp 25.000,00
  • Zine - Bookshelf Brief 2
    Zine - Bookshelf Brief 2

    Bookshelf Brief: A Quarterly Curated Story – II

    Penulis: Rebecca Kezia Bahasa: Inggris Tebal: 11 halamanKondisi: Baru"She hands over the phone to the man. Convince him to take it. The man stares at her. Should he do it again? Could he risk the feeling of rejection, another step to complete a broken man losing his spirit?"
    Rp 25.000,00
  • Buku - Hari Ini, Aku di IVAA
    Buku - Hari Ini, Aku di IVAA

    Hari Ini, Aku di IVAA – MUKAMALAS

    Penerbit: IVAA Tahun Terbit: 2008Kondisi: BaruHari ini tanggal 11 oktober.., saya sudah di IVAA.........!!Sepi sekali.. ternyata tgl 11 adalah Sabtu, & klo hari Sabtu IVAA tutup.., jadi sepi dehh..-> PULANG KE RUMAHTAMAT
    Rp 15.000,00
  • Zine - Bookshelf Brief
    Zine - Bookshelf Brief

    Bookshelf Brief: A Quarterly Curated Story

    Penulis: Griselda Puspa Bahasa: Inggris Tebal: 15 halamanKondisi: Baru"It was easy for Mana to have nightmares. She watched Titanic back in the late '90s with her parents and dreamt she was drowning. She read a book about a thief caught by a dog, and she dreamt herself chased down by a dog, and lately, Mana had nightmares about silence."*Welcome to Bookshelf Brief, a quarterly curated story. Here you will find a short story or a narrative essay or a novel excerpt hand-picked by our staff.Our story began in 2018 when Bookshelf is first founded. Bookshelf is a growing place for readers aims to cultivate critical and creative minds. At first, Bookshelf is a book review offering critical thinking questions so readers can better digest their books. In 2019, we further expanded to Bookshelf world, an online publication at Medium, and Bookshelf Brief, a printed publication of a quarterly curated story.For this edition we bring you a story from our founder, Griselda Puspa, called "Eleven at Night". It is a reading that reminds us about self-love and true friendship. We hope that you enjoy it and share the joy of reading to others.Regards, Editor*
    Rp 25.000,00
  • Zine = Metanoia
    Zine = Metanoia

    Cergam “Metanoia” – Ozora

    Tebal: 12 halaman Bahasa: InggrisKondisi: BaruDon't just be good to others.Be good to yourself too.
    Rp 50.000,00
  • Lagu Zine - Iramamama
    Lagu Zine - Iramamama

    Lagu Zine – Iramamama

    Penerbit: Binatang Press! dan Irama Nusantara Tahun Terbit: 2019 Tebal: 20 halamanKondisi: BaruA collection of 15 Indonesian iconic songs from the golden oldie times handpicked by the groovy selectors @iramamama. Just scan the barcode and it will lead you to their super fun playlist!
    Rp 140.000,00
  • Zine - Beautifully Broken
    Zine - Beautifully Broken

    Cergam “Beautifully Broken” – Ozora

    Tebal: 12 halaman Bahasa: InggrisKondisi: BaruDear beautifully broken people,
    Rp 50.000,00
  • Zine - Empty People
    Zine - Empty People

    Cergam “Empty People” – Ozora

    Tebal: 12 halaman Bahasa: InggrisKondisi: BaruDon't try to escape from it.. Don't accept mediocrity because it's better than feeling empty,,
    Rp 50.000,00
  • Zine - From Here to There
    Zine - From Here to There

    Cergam “From Here to There” – Ozora

    Tebal: 12 halaman Bahasa: InggrisKondisi: BaruYou're not reading it alone. You're part of so many people out there who feel the same thing.
    Rp 50.000,00
  • Zine - The Moon Story 3

    The Moon Story [3] – Cerita: Anin, Ilustrasi: @blackenthered

    Bahasa: InggrisKondisi: BaruOn one lonely night, she is surprised to find her gentle crescent Moon turns red. She wonders what happened: if it was angry, sick, or got bitten. Months go by and Lola notices that the moon doesn't recover. She realizes this is a serious issue as the redness grows to the clouds surrounding the moon, almost bleeding into the city, pouring into the citizens.
    Rp 85.000,00
  • Zine - The Moon Story [2[

    The Moon Story [2] – Cerita: Anin, Ilustrasi: @anuroe

    Bahasa: InggrisKondisi: BaruLittle Luna wants to go to the Moon. But he's on the Earth, hundreds of thousands of meters away from the Moon.He doesn't have a spaceship. But he has a helmet. A lot of different helmets; which he knows, one day, he will need on the Moon.This is for Monday, when I want to visit Moon for work. This is for Tuesday, when I want to visit the Moon for school. This is Wednesday, when I want to visit the Moon to build a garden.
    Rp 85.000,00
  • Zine - The Moon Story [1]

    The Moon Story [1] – Anin

    Bahasa: InggrisKondisi: BaruLittle Hiro needs to make a phone call."To whom?" his Dad asked."To the Moon," Hiro replied.
    Rp 85.000,00
  • Zine - Chinatown Affair
    Zine - Chinatown Affair

    Chinatown Affair – Elisa Cindy

    , , ,
    Penerbit: Binatang Press! Tahun Terbit: 2018Kondisi: BaruWelcome to the biggest cultural affair in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Aside from being a staple shopping destination, Chinatown also has a deep history and culture, particularly of the Chinese community in Malaysia. There has always been a clash of of unique culture and language variety, a result of many years of cultural mix and heritage. These traits make Chinatown a must see place for tourists and locals alike in experiencing the colourful and bustling scene. Popular for its bargain hunter's paradise, from Chinese herbs to imitation goods, lively and vibrant night market, filled with hundreds of stalls offering food, drinks and unfamiliar stuffs.
    Rp 70.000,00
  • Zine Shifting Self & Self Shifters

    Shifting Self & Self Shifters – Owi Liunic

    Penerbit: Binatang Press Dicetak dalam tiga warna dengan mesin risograf di atas book paperKondisi: BaruShifting Self & Self Shifters is a zine about how things constantly flipping through as we encounter surprises of the unknown. Illustrated by Owi Liunic, this zine is interactive and printed in 3-color Risograph.
    Rp 100.000,00
  • An Ode to Fried Chicken
    An Ode to Fried Chicken

    Primitive Skill #2: An Ode to Friend Chicken

    , , ,
    Penerbit: Binatang Press! Tahun Terbit: 2018 Bahasa: Inggris dan Indonesia Tebal: 42 halaman, dicetak dengan risografiKondisi: BaruAn Ode To Friend Chicken reviews KFC knockoffs found around Jakarta.*Mm, you bleed for me..Bleed for me
    Rp 130.000,00
  • Zine Around the Corner Volume 2 - Andrea Reza
    Zine Around the Corner Volume 2 - Andrea Reza

    Around the Corner – Volume 02: India – Andrea Reza

    , , ,
    Penerbit: Binatang Press! Tebal: 36 halaman, dicetak menggunakan risografiKondisi: BaruThe state of Rajasthan, India: September 2015.The author still daydream about the butter chicken he had at Moti Mahal, Delhi, to this day.
    Rp 70.000,00
  • Komik Punyakawan

    Punyakawan – Volume 1: Perkenalan – Bron Zelani

    , ,
    Penerbit: Binatang Press! Tahun Terbit: 2016 Tebal: 24 halaman, dicetak menggunakan risografi pada kertas Mohawk Recycled ISBN: 978-602-73797-4-9Kondisi: BaruPerkenalkan Pesaykotruk, Garengbilly, dan Hansemar. Mereka akan mengajak anda berpetualang mulai dari edisi ini.
    Rp 100.000,00
  • Zine - A Guide to Sanity
    Zine - A Guide to Sanity

    A Guide to Sanity – Liz Landora

    Penerbit: Binatangpress! Tahun Terbit: 2018 Bahasa: Inggris Tebal: 36 halaman, dicetak dengan risografiKondisi: BaruImagine if people around you could hear your every thoughts, you'll be perceived insane.Here's a guide to sanity.
    Rp 120.000,00
  • Buku - Nyampah
    Buku - Nyampah

    Nyampah – Emte

    Penerbit: Binatang Press! Tahun Terbit: 2016 ISBN: 978-602-73797-2Kondisi: BaruBahagia itu diciptakan, jadi mari buat kenangan.Siapa sangka, di kemudian hari internet berkembang makin pesat. Bahan menjadi media untuk bersosialisasi atau yang kita sebut social media. Media yang ngedukung fitrah saya sebagai makhluk sosial. Di social media ini, kita setiap manusia, punya kesempatan yang sama untuk ... nyampah. Nyampah dalam artian ngeluarin semua isi kepala dalam bentuk tulisan atau visual. Yah, beda tipis sama 'pointless babbling' sih :DBanyak yang saya gambar berdasarkan pantauan langsung dengan mata kepala sendiri, juga hasil ngobrol-ngobrol dengan beberapa teman. Memang seperti itulah kenyataannya bersyukur sih, kita masih bebas 'nyampah' di socmed.Walau kadang kebebasan nyampah itu bener-bener jadi Sampahhahaha Selamat menikmatiEmte*Now bundled into one fun book!  Here’s a collection of Emte’s ‘nyampah comic panels which he posts randomly on his social media accounts throughout these years. 2 color risograph print on Woodstock Bettula paper. A limited edition of 500, each book is numbered. All content in Bahasa Indonesia.
    Rp 100.000,00
  • CD Dalam Jenggala x S.W.U.N - Teman Sepuluh Tahun
    CD Dalam Jenggala x S.W.U.N - Teman Sepuluh Tahun

    CD Dalam Jenggala x S.W.U.N – Teman Sepuluh Tahun

    , , ,
    Penerbit: Binatang Press! Tahun terbit: 2016Kondisi BaruA poetry book written and illustrated by Dalam Jenggala, and music by S.W.U.N. Each book is accompanied by an audio CD to complete the experience. Printed in 2 color risograph on Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum. Foil stamped linen cover. Numbered edition.*"Dari kisah nyata, antara cowok dan cewek yang sudah berpisah lama, lalu bertemu lagi setelah sepuluh tahun pisah, sama sekali nggak berhubungan. Banyak kejadian selama sepuluh tahun belakangan itu. Kemudian mereka berdua berpisah lagi, dan bertemu sepuluh tahun setelahnya. Begitu seterusnya. Kami sendiri nggak pernah tau gimana akhir dari cerita ini. Yang pasti adalah, ketika kami sampai di cerita ketiga belas, kami memutuskan untuk tidak meneruskannya lagi. Kami anggap teman sepuluh tahun sudah cukup untuk dilepas."Baca, lihat, dan dengar. Teman sepuluh tahun sangat dianjurkan untuk dinikmati sembari pakai earphone, dengan lampu ruangan yang cukup untuk melihat tulisan dan gambar di dalamnya, dan di waktu malam sebelum tidur, seperti waktu karya ini dibuat."- Dalam Jenggala x S.W.U.N
    Rp 165.000,00