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  • Buku - Big Bang
    Buku - Big Bang

    Big Bang – Nadine Hanisya dan Ratta Bill

    Penerbit: Kamboja Press Tahun Terbit: 2019 Spesifikasi: Blue and fluorescent pink risograph inks on certified paperKondisi: BaruFun thoughts of Nadine Hanisya and Ratta Bill about the correlation between sex and internet and how it affects the way we make things these days.
    Rp 100.000,00
  • Buku - Bond and Bend
    Buku - Bond and Bend

    Bond and Bend – Tasia Sugiyanto

    Penerbit: Kamboja Press Tahun Terbit: 2019 Spesifikasi: Black and blue risograph inks on certified paperKondisi: BaruIn Bond and Bend, Tasia Sugiyanto tried to journal her adjustments thorough through pictures she took in a more chaotic surrounding in art school to a more chaotic time of finding the right wave, whilst adulting. Despite taking pictures of eventful victories to keep it as a memory, she documented the smaller, scattered parts of adulting.
    Rp 150.000,00
  • Buku - Adopt Adapt
    Buku - Adopt Adapt

    Adopt/Adapt – Vira Hutami Sukowati

    Penerbit: Kamboja Press Tahun Terbit: 2019 Tebal: 36 halaman Spesifikasi: Black and red risograph inks on certified paperKondisi: Baruthe idea of consuming images were built as we live in the age where we didn't have the responsibility to worry about the complex issues of the humanity, or the urge to set the majority's independence anymore.when we started to feel selfish-that ourselves are also in the lack of independence itself. so we started to become apathetic to the external world and instead, we reach out the things that will babysit us and build us internally and also there's this tv in the living room with their own fictionalized characters that we felt like, they represent us in certain ways, also mom's gadget where we can discover all these free spirited people with their own characters which we feel a bit of ourselves were rooted in the way they solved their problems, the way they speak.I feel like, they were free enough to translate their mind and their imaginary form of self into their physics, it was like those hard shells you construct to make yourself safe, or at least to make the impression from the others to see you in certain ways you desire.
    Rp 120.000,00
  • Buku - Dejavu
    Buku - Dejavu

    Déjà Vu – Leandro Quintero

    Penerbit: Kamboja Press Tahun Terbit: 2019 Tebal: 36 halaman Spesifikasi: Blue and red risograph inks on certified paperKondisi: BaruWhat's it like being bule in Indo? Specifically, being a bule photographer in Indo?Alienated by everything. Inspired by decay and its beauty. Perversely terrifying.What caught your eye when you first arrived in this country? Or tangled your heart, or feelings?The high level of inequality; the beauty of the archipelago and its people (not all of them); the shadiness of its history; the warm heart of the bottom down from pyramid ... the not so lucky ones; the high level of hypocrisy from the upper class; the tackiness of the new rich; the hierarchy in every family; the oppressive sense of society; the youth being fenced; the lack of transformative culture; the love for a woman ... among many others.
    Rp 150.000,00
  • Buku - Bordering on Freedom
    Buku - Bordering on Freedom

    Borderline of Freedom – Jovana Semiz

    Penerbit: Kamboja Press Tahun Terbit: 2019 Bahasa: Inggris Spesifikasi: Printed with black soy-based ink on certified paper. Edition of 100Kondisi: BaruNovi Sad, my hometown and the second largest city in Serbia, is actually a great place for young people who want to improve themselves. The creative scene is not too big, so it is relatively easy for young artists to climb up the career ladder. Sadly, there have been less and less cultural happenings recently and people are not noticing.People in Novi Sad has slowly lost interest on the arts, and they adapt to the "art-less" state without even noticing. Maybe the cultural stuff gets more life in Belgrade, the largest city in Serbia, where people's life is more colorful and diverse. But life had been grayer anywhere in Serbia every day, I think.Everyday people take the street and protest. Everyone is burdened by a shared dissatisfaction after the political turmoil surrounding the split between Serbia and Montenegro. The students make the biggest chunk of angry people, planning to revolt and all of that. Many become obsessed with the idea of revolution and they dissed school and family to fight against the government.However, I, also a student, feel a strange detachment from the idea despite sharing the same dissatisfaction. Becoming an activists occupy a lot of time and money which I cannot afford. My family work hard to earn money and put me in college, and I have to live everyday without knowing if I can afford my daily bread tomorrow. In this circumstance I choose to survive with what I have although it does not even guarantee my security in the long run.If I look at my parents's old photos, I always think that they seem much happier in the past. Freedom was something they take for granted, freedom was not a rarity they had to look for, because they were content with the situation. If I listen to old people's stories of their younger days, I always think that the quality of life were so much better back then, and the people were more excited to face the day. "On the young, the world remains," was a line I often heard said by old people when I grew up. As a young adult, now I know what it means.The youth of today are constantly fighting for the better future while trying their best to enjoy living in the moment. Everyone fights for the unpredictable future, lost in the path forward, not knowing the direction of where we're going, while overcoming the overwhelming feeling that the world is going to run us over. Maybe we grow up faster than our parents did, but I am not sure if being mature earlier in life is the goal we are looking for.This loop of thinking has occupied my mind for too long and burn it crisp with boredom. Maybe the best solution is leaving Serbia. Serbia has a future, I am sure of it, but surviving here is not easy, and it saddens me ti feel that things won't change to the better in the near future.
    Rp 120.000,00
  • Buku - Mannequin
    Buku - Mannequin

    Mannequin – Agam Dwi Nurcahyo

    Penerbit: Kamboja Press Tahun Terbit: 2019 Book design & layout: Irfan Hendrian Bahasa: InggrisKondisi: BaruAgam Dwi Nurcahyo, or usually known as Magafaka (read his short bio in the last page to know why people call him that), has contributed an alternative style in the photography scene through his controversial works over the years, regardless it being possibly interpreted as impressive, shocking, progressive, or even vulgar. In observing his photos, it leads audiences to unconsciously think that Agam is exploiting the body of his subjects.Agam's exploration in photography started from a long yet organic process. Agam graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Jakarta Art Institute and then challenged himself in a new and glamorous environment as a visual merchandiser for international brands and stayed in Bali. At that time, he began to discover photography, familiarised himself with property, make up, lighting, composition, angle, and talent.The fashion photography (or portrait, or even snapshot, depends on how you classify genres of photography if it exists) that he takes can be considered a complicated technique that tells stories as well as reflects life styles and contradicts moods through manipulation of photography on subject, location, and property. His conscience does not fully agree with the standardized rules. He still obsesses to deconstruct the border between fashion, art, and surprising values.Agam's experiment in photography become more intense when he came back to Jakarta and focused on his clothing line that he established in 2014. At that moment, Agam worked worked with talents, both female and male, as the models for his products. Instagram is the platform he chooses to sell his products and his photo gallery as well. In general, his motive is commercial, but Agam elaborates fashion photography into more fun. He does not become attached with regulated composition in photography. Sometimes he spontaneously uses properties available at the location.Photos taken by Agam look natural, effortless, and improvised. He is able to take photos in bedrooms, living rooms, backyards, kitchens, and even bathrooms. The most important thing for Agam is conversations between him and his subjects. Instead of directing his subjects, Agam puts himself as a good listener.Agam is interested in exploring the body. That started when he learned anatomy painting techniques when he was in art school. Distorted body is his main concern in elaborating anatomy. Through the body, he highlights figures, which according to him, tells a lot of stories. In short, the body tells the stories.
    Rp 150.000,00
  • Buku - Going South to the North
    Buku - Going South to the North

    Going South to the North: Menikmati White Shoes and The Couples Company dari dekat bersama Felix Dass

    , , ,
    Penerbit: Future Folk dan Binatang Press! Tahun Terbit: 2018 Tebal: 70 halaman ISBN: 978-6025-0951-0-8Kondisi: Baru"Saya punya peluang untuk ikut mengalami White Shoes and the Couples Company dari dekat dalam sebuah perjalanan tur ke Darwin, Australia, untuk bermain di Darwin Festival 2013."Membuat kisah mereka di jalanan bisa didokumentasikan ke dalam medium visual bisa jadi sesuatu yang mungkin berharga untuk generasi berikut dan sesama penggemar. Saya beruntung bisa mengambil peran di peristiwa ini."- Felix Dass
    Rp 200.000,00
  • Buku - Yang Tercinta
    Buku - Yang Tercinta

    Yang Tercinta

    Jurufoto: M. Firman Ichsan, Nico Dharmajungen, Oscar Motuloh, Erik Prasetya, Yudhi Soerjoatmodjo, Tara Sosrowardoyo, Jay Subyakto, Darwis Triadi Penerbit: Yayasan Pengembangan dan Pendidikan Budaya Visual Okagon Tahun Terbit: 2005 Tebal: 130 halaman Bahasa: Inggris dan Indonesia ISBN: 979-99736-0-3Kondisi: New Old Stocks"Saya mengundang delapan jurufoto yang telah lama berada dan bekerja dalam berbagai bidang fotografi untuk membuka sebagian dari buku harian bergambar mereka kepada publik, dalam tema Yang Tercinta. Ajakan ini, selain berlandas pada dedikasi dan ketekunan kerja mereka, juga karena kepercayaan akan kemampuan mereka untuk mengatasi hal yang mungkin terasa tidak akrab, bila seorang tidak atau belum mampu menilai dirinya, yaitu membuka jati diri di hadapan publik."Undangan saya dijawab dalam berbagai pendekatan dan gaya berkarya, mulai potret, rekonstruksi sampai simbolis. Melalui beberapa karya dalam buku ini, kita juga bertemu dengan berbagai peristiwa atau figur sejarah yang punya arti penting bagi seorang jurufoto. Apapun bentuknya, karya-karya ini merupakan pernyataan diri tentang apa dan bagaimana sesuatu menjadi penting dalam perjalanan hidup mereka."Selain fotografi, dalam proses penyusunan buku ini saya juga mengundang empat orang penulis, Ayu Utami, Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Djenar Maesa Ayu dan Nukila Amal untuk menghadirkan interpretasi mereka atas citra visual. Melalui interpretasi ini kita akan melihat bahwa sebenarnya bahasa visual yang dihantarkan oleh foto tidaklah memberi isyarat baku, melahirkan pemahaman berbeda-beda yang memperkaya dan membentuk kesatuan yang semakin unik."- M. Firman Ichsan
    Rp 135.000,00
  • Buku - 360 Imaging
    Buku - 360 Imaging

    360° Imaging: The Photographer’s Panoramic Virtual Reality Manual – Philip Andrews

    , ,
    Penerbit: RotoVision Tahun Terbit: 2003 Tebal: 176 halaman Bahasa: Inggris ISBN: 2-88046-732-2Kondisi: New Old StocksPhotographic-based virtual reality is fast becoming one of the most exciting areas of the digital imaging world. No helmets, no gloves, the new techniques create fully immersive experiences in which the viewer can look up and down as well as sideways while playing with virtual objects.This book provides a visual introduction that is both easy to read and understand. The ideas and techniques draw on those used by industry professionals and are presented in a step-by-step form, enabling readers to gradually develop VR skills.
    Rp 250.000,00
  • Zine - Chinatown Affair
    Zine - Chinatown Affair

    Chinatown Affair – Elisa Cindy

    , , ,
    Penerbit: Binatang Press! Tahun Terbit: 2018Kondisi: BaruWelcome to the biggest cultural affair in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Aside from being a staple shopping destination, Chinatown also has a deep history and culture, particularly of the Chinese community in Malaysia. There has always been a clash of of unique culture and language variety, a result of many years of cultural mix and heritage. These traits make Chinatown a must see place for tourists and locals alike in experiencing the colourful and bustling scene. Popular for its bargain hunter's paradise, from Chinese herbs to imitation goods, lively and vibrant night market, filled with hundreds of stalls offering food, drinks and unfamiliar stuffs.
    Rp 70.000,00
  • Buku - Masyarakat dan Perang Asia Timur Raya
    Buku - Masyarakat dan Perang Asia Timur Raya

    Masyarakat & Perang Asia Timur Raya: Sejarah dengan Foto yang Tak Terceritakan – Aiko Kurasawa

    , , ,
    Penerbit: Komunitas Bambu Tahun Terbit: 2016 Tebal: xxx + 274 halaman ISBN: 978-602-9402-61-2Kondisi: BaruApakah Anda pernah mendengar tentang Perang Asia Timur Raya? Sesungguhnya perang ini sejarahnya masih terselubung dalam kabut. Aiko Kurasawa, sejarawan ahli Indonesia, dengan bukunya ini membeberkan perang itu dalam gaya narasi populer, tetapi sangat kaya informasi. Ternyata dari segi namanya saja, perang tersebut mengandung banyak persoalan berupa klaim historis dari Amerika dan Jepang. Amerika memaksakan nama Perang Pasifik. Padahal wilayah berkecamuknya saja di Asia Tenggara. Apakah Birma, Malaya, dan Singapura yang diserang dan diduduki Jepang bisa disebut daerah Lautan Pasifik?Tetapi, istilah Perang Asia Timur Raya juga tak kurang bermasalah. Para sejarawan Jepang menggunakannya dengan niat membenarkan dan membela diri, serta menghindari label fasis. Bangsa Jepang selalu mengingat perang dengan hati yang sedih. Namun, kesedihan itu bukan rasa menyesal tentang kekejaman orang Jepang di Asia. Melainkan selalu dikaitkan dengan penderitaan orang Jepang, seperti bom atom, serangan udara oleh Sekutu, kekurangan makanan, atau kematian keluarga di medan pertempuran.Perang Asia Timur Raya adalah persoalan yang kompleks. Bukan sekadar menggambarkan peperangan yang keras dan gaduh, tetapi sekaligus situasi yang menjadi sarana perpindahan orang dari satu tempat ke tempat lain. Termasuk pertukaran ilmu, budaya, sosial, bahasa, keahlian-ketrampilan, dan perkawinan antar masyarakat wilayah Asia Tenggara. Bahkan warisannya dalam perpolitikan di Indonesia pascakemerdekaan terkait dengan dana pampasan perang. Juga dalam politik kontemporer Jepang yang berimplikasi pada pelupaan sejarah hitam Jepang, dan keengganan meminta maaf sampai kini.
    Rp 125.000,00
  • Buku - Klik
    Buku - Klik

    Klik – Muhammad Rohmani

    Penerbit: Kamboja Press Tahun Terbit: 2017 Bahasa: Indonesia Dicetak dengan risografiKondisi: BaruKlik consists of photos taken spontaneously with phone camera by Muhammad Rohmani based on his random trips to various places and notes about the existence of phone camera in photography written by Hamada Adzani. This book is printed with black soy-based inks on certified paper.*Muhammad Rohmani also known as Omen was born and raised in Jakarta. He continued his study at University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. He is active in Forum Film Dokumenter and once participated in Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta. Now Muhammad Rohmani is working as a freelance in Jakarta.
    Rp 100.000,00
  • Zine Around the Corner Volume 2 - Andrea Reza
    Zine Around the Corner Volume 2 - Andrea Reza

    Around the Corner – Volume 02: India – Andrea Reza

    , , ,
    Penerbit: Binatang Press! Tebal: 36 halaman, dicetak menggunakan risografiKondisi: BaruThe state of Rajasthan, India: September 2015.The author still daydream about the butter chicken he had at Moti Mahal, Delhi, to this day.
    Rp 70.000,00
  • Buku In Transit 23
    Buku In Transit 23

    In Transit: 23 – Fransisca Angela

    , ,
    Penerbit: Kamboja Press Tahun Terbit: 2018 Bahasa: Inggris Dicetak menggunakan risografiKondisi: BaruIn Transit: 23, shot over Fransisca Angela’s birthday week—when she extended her initial departure date to Jakarta—to embark on a journey of a lifetime exploring Amsterdam and Prague. This book is an attempt to document her journey; containing fragments of memories from people, places, and endless commute she hold dearly. In Transit: 23 is printed with blue and red soy-based inks on paper from responsible sources.*Fransisca Angela is a photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Through photography, she strives to deliver stories in the form of simplicity and a real connection between people and their surroundings. She enjoys wandering to new places and taking photos with both her film and digital camera. Culture, people, and stories fascinate her. With her strength in combining both visual and storytelling elements through photography, her work has evolved into a bigger scale helping brands and organisations with projects that span from creative direction to content creation.
    Rp 120.000,00
  • Obrigado

    Obrigado – Editor: Andra Matin, Salman R. Zahrawan, Talisa Dwiyani

    , , , , ,
    Penerbit: a.Publication Tahun Terbit: 2015 Tebal: 393 halaman Bahasa: Indonesia ISBN: 978-979-19522-1-7Kondisi: Baru“Portugal bukanlah negara dengan bendera yang memiliki warna putih. Juga tidak memiliki suatu aturan mengenai warna pada bangunan. Namun putih menjadi suatu keseragaman dalam arsitekturnya, seperti kesepakatan yang tidak pernah dibicarakan. Di perjalanan kedua ini, lebih mudah bagi saya untuk memahami alasannya, dengan berjalan bersama dua puluh enam orang yang entah kenapa selalu berpakaian hitam di tiap harinya.”– Fandy Gunawan
    Rp 350.000,00
  • Buku Coming Home
    Buku Coming Home

    Coming Home – Tandia B. Permadi

    Penerbit: Unobtainium Print & Binding: IH Studio Tahun Terbit: 2017 ISBN: 978-602-60939-0-5Kondisi: Baru"It is always good to come back to where I was born, where I grew up. Mom always said, "No matter how far you go, home is a place to come back to". All these facades, all these money making ventures, coming back home is my act to see the meaning of me."- Tandia B. Permadi
    Rp 400.000,00
  • Majalah - Subversi
    Majalah - Subversi

    SUBVersi: Kolase Cerita Kecil & Jaringan Kota Surabaya (Dwibahasa: Indonesia dan Inggris)

    , , , , ,
    Editor: Anas Hidayat, Erlin Goentoro, kathleen azali Editor Inggris: Martine Randolphe, Will Glasscock, Noel Schroeder, Matthew Borden, Joseph Taylor Penerbit: Ayorek! berkolaborasi dengan Rujak Centre for Urban Studies Tahun terbit: 2013Bahasa: Indonesia dan InggrisKondisi: BaruThis book presents a variety of (hi)stories of Surabaya that you may not be familiar with. The story of the larung along the Bratang Tangkis riverside village. Some recurring fashion tendencies in some malls in Surabaya. The Gembong flea and wet market. The trails of the defunct-but-soon-to-be-revived trams of Surabaya, and its 90-years-old ex-driver. How the visually impaired students and teachers navigate their ways through this hot and congested city. The gold shop owner in the Pasar Atom observing the first "modern" shopping centre in Surabaya built in 1970s.Also in this book: wonderful routes for the adventurous to explore o foot. Short reviews of books about Surabaya. Delicious dishes you can find in the cit: iwak pe (stingray), pickled vegetable salad, and karak satay.They around us.
    Rp 70.000,00
  • Identity Crisis - Brian Arnold
    Identity Crisis - Brian Arnold

    Identity Crisis – Reflections on Public & Private Life in Contemporary Javanese Photography – Brian Arnold

    , , , ,
    Afterhours, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2017. In English. 134 pp., 9¾x11".This limited-edition, serial-numbered book is the result of a three-year study of contemporary photography by Brian Arnold made across the island of Java.Working with a grant from the American Institute for Indonesian Studies, Brian traveled Java teaching and lecturing on photography at a variety of institutions and universities. In doing so, he engaged the developing ideas and patterns on photography emerging in the Javanese art schools and markets. The resulting book focuses on a group of artists and photographers addressing issues of personal or cultural identity, questioning or examining the forces that shape each of the individual photographers and the communities they represent, while also looking at the emergence and discourse of art photography in Java today.Featuring work by a number of important photographers and artists working around the island – including Krisna Murti, Wimo Ambala Bayang, Jim Allen Abel, Angki Purbandono, Dito Yuwono, Deden Durahman, Henrycus Napit Sunargo, Arum Tresnaningtyas Dayuputri, Amran Malik Hakim, and Tino Djumini – as well as historical photographs from the collections at the National Gallery of Art in Australia, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, and Cornell University, the book offers a unique perspective on the emerging trends of fine art photography across Java. Brian’s accompanying text offers historical and global contexts for understanding the uses of photography in Indonesia today, and includes some of his own pictures made while working in Java. An afterward by art historian and writer Aminudin TH Siregar provides further historical context for looking at photography in Indonesia.
    Rp 770.000,00
  • Buku - Goddess of Pantura
    Buku - Goddess of Pantura

    Goddess of Pantura – Arum Tresnaningtyas Dayuputri

    , , ,
    Desainer: Meicy Sitorus Editor Teks: Chabib Duta Hapsoro Sampul: Vitarlenology Detail Produksi: 28 double side 23x 40 cm, full colour, loose binding, Mate paper & Book paper Kondisi: BaruBuku Goddess of Pantura menangkap keseharian penyanyi dangdut Diana Sastra dengan sensasional. Sekalipun nama Diana Sastra asing bagi kita, gambaran ketenaran dalam buku itu akan terasa akrab bagi siapapun yang pernah menggandrungi seorang tokoh.Arum Tresnaningtyas Dayuputri tidak hanya memotret kemeriahan ketika Diana naik ke atas panggung, tapi juga pemandangan sebelum dan setelah konser. Sebagian besar fotonya dicetak memenuhi halaman, disusun seolah bertabrakan; tanpa ada ‘bingkai’ tanpa ada keterangan foto. Namun, karena binding buku tidak mengikat halaman-halamannya, cetakan foto itu bisa dilepas dari buku, sehingga kita bisa melihat pemandangan yang lebih luas lagi. Desain buku ini dikerjakan oleh Meicy Sitorus.Saat menyimak Goddess of Pantura, sulit menghindari gemerlap glitter menempel di tangan maupun bagian tubuh kita yang lain.
    Rp 170.000,00